Vision Testing and training for elite and social athletes

Sports Vision UK is a division of Insight Opticians Marlow. We specialise in Sports Vision, having among our clients; GB Hockey, Winter Olympic Athletes, WIN Tennis Academy and Wasps RFC.

We can advise on vision weaknesses and its correction, in addition to providing expert ongoing expertise on vision training, hand/eye coordination and online vision exercises.

The basis of a Sport Vision Consulation is:

  1. Testing vision and eye coordination.
  2. Providing objective advice on correction and exercise.
  3. Provide an individual vision training regime based on eye/hand coordination skills and online exercises.
  We are able to test at our Marlow practice or for team sports we can travel to your training facility to assess the players. A report will be given for each player with advice on how to improve/maintain their visual awareness and hand /eye coordination. We can provide advice on how vision training can be maintained as part of a professional athletes weekly training regimen.

Insight Opticians are authorised UK providers of the online Vizual Edge Performance Training programme.

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